Half Blood Hill(Greek Gods and goddess)

You have heard of Greek Gods and Goddess, but have you heard of their children that are Half Bloods or half human, half god?
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 Other Rules

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Halo Rine Kartima

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PostSubject: Other Rules   Sat Oct 16, 2010 4:36 pm

General Rules

1. Please keep your posts at around a G or PG-13 level. We understand that at a camp like this one, a little bloodshed is inevitable, but the gory details aren’t necessary. Also, please do not use strong vulgarities, only mild cursing is allowed.

2. Be literate! Try to use proper spelling and grammar; it helps the roleplays run more smoothly. If you’re hesitant about your spelling, try installing a spell checker, it helps out a lot.

3. Be courteous. Treat others with respect, the same way you’d also like to be treated. Please try and avoid topics concerning politics and religion, as many people have different ideas about them and could become offended. If you do have a problem with a fellow member, keep your fights in your PMs.

4. Do not spam, troll or flame. If you need to post twice, use the edit button. Don’t purposely insult anyone or engage in any sort of cyber bullying. Do not try and find loop-holes in the rules.

5. Try and be active. If you’re never online, how are you ever going to get in on the fun of roleplaying?

Roleplay Rules

1. This roleplay is Pre-Last Olympian in an alternate universe. This means Kronos is still out there and that the plot of the books does not need to be followed exactly. We’re here to create our own story!

2. Canon is applied in this forum. So read all the Percy Jackson books!

3. You are only allowed to have 5 characters max.

4. No canon characters. This means you cannot roleplay as any of the characters from the books: god, demigod or otherwise. The only people who may roleplay as canon characters are the admin.

5. Only admin can give out quests, and they will be given to those who are truly deserving of one, though we are always open to suggestions.

6. Try and keep to the standards of roleplay explained at Role play Rules.

If these rules are broken, the appropriate actions will be administered. Also, if you have any questions about the rules, post it below or PM an admin or mod.

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Other Rules
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