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You have heard of Greek Gods and Goddess, but have you heard of their children that are Half Bloods or half human, half god?
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 Role Playing Rules

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Halo Rine Kartima

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PostSubject: Role Playing Rules   Sat Oct 16, 2010 4:32 pm

What roleplaying is and how I do it

Here are some guidelines on how to roleplay. First, let's ask a simple question- what is roleplaying? Roleplaying is acting as a character, in existence or made up, and interact with other characters. In this case, the character is either a character from the series Percy Jackson and the Olympians or a made-up character. Please ask me if you'd like to be a real character.

Now, I'll teach you how to roleplay. Basically, when you're roleplaying, you should imagine you're writing the final draft of a story that's about to be published. When your character, or another character, is talking, it should be in quotations. Using correct spelling and grammar is a must. And you should be writing like you're writing a novel, too: your character is the first person narrator. For example, I might say, in a post:


And then she might say:



Something you shouldn't do is powerplaying. Powerplaying is when you take control of another character. This can be very aggravating, especially if the person does something annoying. For example:


Out of Character

There's no way to tell whether you're adding something to your post that's out of character, so the inventors of the online roleplay made up Out Of Character, or OOC. You can use OOC to suggest what to do to the other person, to comment on something, or basically anything. Here's an example of a roleplay with OOC:


And then she might say:


As you probably can figure out, BIC means back in character.

Double Posting

One thing I don't like is double-posting. Or triple-, quadruple-, googolplex-posting, whatever. When you do multiple posts without anyone else posting, it looks really sloppy and bad. So don't multiple-post. Just don't do it.

Length of Posts

I also hate it when people do really short posts, like:


And then they double post:




And so on... and it gets quite boring to read. Please put some effort into your posts; if you're going to post like that, combine it all into one post. I'm not saying your post has to be lecture-long, just make it interesting to read.


See? Isn't that so much better than above?

You may have noticed some letters are underlined. They spell out a code word. I did this to ensure you read all of this. Of course, it's not a perfect system, but I trust you guys. In order for your character's sign-up to be approved, you must PM the code word to me. I hope you have an enjoyable time roleplaying! Any questions? Post them below!

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Role Playing Rules
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