Half Blood Hill(Greek Gods and goddess)

You have heard of Greek Gods and Goddess, but have you heard of their children that are Half Bloods or half human, half god?
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 Halo an undertimered Camper

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Halo Rine Kartima

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PostSubject: Halo an undertimered Camper   Sat Oct 16, 2010 5:07 pm

Name:Halo Rine Kartima
Age/birthday:Age:12 years B-day:Sep. 19
Years in camp:9 years
God parent:undertimered
Mortal parent:Jack Wane Kartima
Physical appearance:Brown hair and brown eyes
Pets:a silver doe(female deer)and a silver female wolf
Weapons:bow and arrow and knife and Soward
Talents:can shoot well and run fast and can battle with a soward and knife
Other:has great time with Animals who loves her

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Halo an undertimered Camper
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