Half Blood Hill(Greek Gods and goddess)

You have heard of Greek Gods and Goddess, but have you heard of their children that are Half Bloods or half human, half god?
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 Savanna and the Dream

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PostSubject: Savanna and the Dream   Sun Nov 07, 2010 1:58 am

I was sleeping peacefully when a strange dream happened to occur. In her mind she heard, "Help me! Help me someone. I smell sea and a child of mine but do not see them. Come to me Demi-gods. Come and rescue or death shall occur. He heres me, he is coming so hurry." A Godly voice spoken. As I turned the corner it was a goddess. I thought it was Athena. I run to the bars and try to open. Then the footsteps get closer and I am forced to hide with my quest mates.

I wake up suddenly, I just had my first Demi-god dream in ages. I had to tell Chiron. I would have to in the morning. No one was supposed to be outside so late at night.

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Savanna and the Dream
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